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Ours achievements :

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We attended...


Our spot

Our participation On the TV Set

Set of general commissioning procedures issuance for a 1000MW supercritical thermal power plant 

Commissioning organization audit for a 660MW supercritical thermal power plant.


                                   : Participation in the SIANE 2018 Industrial Subcontracting Show in Toulouse under the AUDE




In co-operation with EXOCETH, by BEST ENERGIES, we acheived :

  • Ponctual technical assistance for heat exchangers integration in the flue gas duct of a Waste to Energy plant  

  • A complete commissioning documentation set for a Concentrated Solar Plant (CSP) 10MW

  • The process mapping for commissioning preparation and activites in conexion with ISO 9001 certification

  • The cleaning concept for an industrial plant

  • The commissioning department support for a market leader in the Waste to Energy business.

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